First things Pt7

Matt12:22 Gen1 Ps149:1-7

Two visions can not abide in the same because  it will eventually fall.The house needs one vision to carry out its missions When we begin to understand the keys will be given to us and authority. There are three heavens  the first heaven is Earths Atomosphere 2firmament and the third heaven is Gods Abode. The firmament was not blessed because that is where the devil resides. The third heaven is Gods abode . Me must use the keys to unlock what he has for us in his abode. When we exercise our faith it helps us to move things from a natural level to a spiritual level. We also must use they keys that has been given to us to access our blessings. Our blessings cannot move until the have heard our voice but we also must use wisdom. Satan is the God of this world.and has authority over it.  Whatever key we use God will release from heaven. If we don’t use the key we can not access what he has for us.  We hold the keys to our future and our potential. Our blessings are not able to be accessed if the strongman has a hold of them. In order to regain them we must bind him. We must turn our anger into passion against him to defeat him to get our things back .


4 thoughts on “First things Pt7

  1. It’s true we must exercise our faith. We should bind the stong evil man in order to possess our possessions. The Second heaven (the firmament) is most definitely blessed because (1) When God caused a separation at creationism HE stamped His authority there as He would be passing through it to where the action really is – the earth. (2) Psalm 115:16 attests to HIS ownership, hence, blessed His use. Other assenting verses being: Psalms 89:11, 144:5, 148:4 and Isa
    iah 66:1-2. Please keep walking the narrow path to prove that it is navigable.

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