First Things pt8.

Matt22:34 James 4:1-5

The greastest results comes from obeying the simplist of commands. Our passion can become devivided because we have misplaced our affections. There are 613 laws  within in the Old Testament. Man does not have the ability to follow all of the laws that are written without breaking them. So Jesus came to fulfill the law and be our sancrifice . When we accept Jesus we have met all of the requirements and we will be filled with his spirit. Our Salvation is a free gift from him we don’t have to earn it. Our relationship with God is very important and it should be the first priority . When Jesus came the commands were to be used o show how the kingdom and heaven is operated. Many Christians don’t understand the agape love that God shows to us. The reason why we don’t understand it is because we base our love on performance. As we come into relationship with him he all of our attention. We must love him with all of our hearts. Because that is where our passions will oringnate from our passion. Our passion will motivate us also. If we have no motivation to do for his kingdom. We will do nothing. When we lose our passion we tend to become religious. Our desires for  pleasure should not overrule us or it will lead us down a path we should not go.When we get attached to our  pleasures it can bring strife to our lives. Our God is a jealous God  and he does not want us to share us with worldly affections.


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