Sound pt2 Unthinkable

2cor1:17-20 Heb 12:18-24 Ex32:17

There are four elements which are Wind, water, fire, and earth. Each of these elements carry there own sound. He wants to bring earth and haven in to agreement with one another. He uses sound to do this. The yes will always come from God and the amen will come from the earth. He never met for the the church to be quiet  we must declare him. All promises belong to us but we must access them. We are no longer at Mount Siani where we sit afraid but we are at the Mount of Zion where we are no longer afraid . The first creation was sound. Any significant power will always come from significant sound. That’s the reason why the devil tries to keep churches silent because where there is no power there will be no sound. Sound will always precede a manifestation. Everything in life follows a sound that is made. If we don’t like the sound that our lives our making we need to change it. The anointing won’t come until we have changed our sound.  He is filling people with a sound that they never have heard before so they can not define the sound. The reason why they can’t define it is because of the tone. The reason why they can’t define the tone is because it’s a tone of love and not a decisive tone. The decisive tone does not bring love but it brings seperation. As the church we have sent a confusing tone to the world. We don’t shout out of need but out of supply. When we shout out of our supply he will bless us with what we need.


3 thoughts on “Sound pt2 Unthinkable

  1. Hi stopped by out of curiosity because you liked one of my posts. I hope you will drop by again in the future. I like what you say that if we don’t like the sound our lives are making we should change it.
    Bless you.

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