Unthinkable pt3


  • When we plead the blood the enemy cannot touch us. After we get saved we are not the same kind . We become of a different kind of creature after we get saved. We become a new creature. God will always take spiritual things and hides them in natural things. Serving is the path to greatness. When we properly take care of the small things that he gives us we will bless us with bigger things. Sometimes we push the dirty things off to the side in our lives but many times he will use the dirty parts to reach others. God will never judge the action but the intent . Because the intent can be much more harmful that the action. We many not have everything perfect. But we must have it correct in our hearts. If we truly have Gods nature we will be inclined to be more like him. The penalty for offending God is him departing form you. When the blood falls it cries out. The blood carries life in it and it still speaks. He brought us forth by the word of truth. He will make us in his kind so we carry out our assignment in his kingdom. He did not want us to clean up our conduct but our want to. To many people live in there situation and not by our revelation.  He revealed it to us in the areas that he bled. The first place he bled was fromthe sweat of his brow so we could carry out his will. The second place he bled from was his face which was an healing for our image. The third place he bled from was from his head which is the healing of our minds. The fourth place he bled from was from his back which is for our physical healing. The fifth place he bled from was his hands  because our hands were not meant for evil but for good.  The sixth place he bled from was his feet because he orders our steps so we can follow him. The seventh place he bled from was his side so we can have healthy  relationships . Also it shows we are part of the bride of Christ.

3 thoughts on “Unthinkable pt3

  1. “God will never judge the action but the intent”

    I like this. Just today I thinking of Paul’s words that no matter how giving, how charitable, how eloquent our speech etc. if our actions are not done out of love, they’re all in vain. Absolutely, our intent is crucial.

    A Blessed Easter to you.

  2. Yes,it is very crucial because our intent can be very judgmental and hurtful towards people without even knowing it.

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