He rose again.

I am so happy that he rose again and he lives inside of me. There is no other religious leader that has come from death but Jesus. Throughout history people have tried to discount this . But they have been proven wrong time and time again. As man we did not need another hero. We needed a savior and a guide. He paid a debt for my sins which he did not owe. I am so glad that he picked up that debt for me so I can live for him.


2 thoughts on “He rose again.

  1. Thank you for reading and “liking” my recent blog post. I am new to blogging, though not new to writing. I have been writing “stuff” my whole life, but only during a sting working for a newspaper was my work ever truly published. I am not seeking fame, I simply have a “story to tell” – like most of us – and an absolute passion for writing. I particularly like sharing, in my way, The Gospel. When I say, “my way,” I don’t mean a “better” way, just a more down-to-earth approach. I like to apply Biblical principles to present day and historically. I would love for you to follow my blog and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. God Bless.

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