Unthinkable pt4

Luke 18:9:14 19:1-6 John 13:1-15

We have a negative view of the Pharisees because of how they approached Jesus. But also the tax collectors was known as the scum of the earth. Here Jesus was trying to show us two different heart types or comparisons. In one he was trying to show us if we become to holy he would reject us because of our attitude. But if we are broken and come to him with a contrite heart he would guide us. Throughout the bible he went from to town looking for the ones that weren’t looking for him and pretty resisted the religious people of his day. He didn’t come to clean the clean people but he came to clean the dirty people. It is impossible to be around Jesus and not want to change. At the the last supper Jesus could have easily called out Judas but he didn’t . He gave him a chance to confess. He had all of the other disciples gather to have there feet washed including Judas. He didn’t try to humiliate Judas but included him in the cleansing.


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