Unite service 4-6-16

Isa 2:1-4  

Heaven is saying something and the earth is supposed to echo it. If we bear witness over it and he hears it it shall be done. A prophetic word is something that God sends but we must receive it an apply it. The church is war weary not realizing the battle has been won. We are making sounds of war being weary in the battle and that has made us weary soliders . Not realizing that our God has lead us into triumph. The sound has to change because we can not always stay in constant battle mode. We cannot not always walk in a battle mode because we were not designed to walk in battle. But we must learn to walk in the victory that Jesus has given to us . We will teach us how to use our swords to bring in the harvest. Every generation has a sound that is brought with it. This generation of young people don’t understand the church . The people of the world understands the sound that the church is making than the church knows. We have a tendency to reinforce the sounds that we make instead of changing. We also don’t understand the anointing . When we have anointing it will always lead us in a different direction.  If refusing to dance brings barrenness . Then dancing will bring fruitfulness. The reason why most people can’t dance in church is  not sound that releases it the bible we believe it but there is never  a sound so we can apprend it.


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