Misfits pt2

IKings 19:19-21 II Kings 9:9-15 Gal4:1-4

There will always be a process that he will put us  through to develop your character. As he develops us he will place people I our lives that can draw out our potential. But sometimes it will take a strong a strong anointing to fall upon us before we realize it. Big things in our lives will always come from the small things in life’s . Do you have people in your life that can help you reach your potential. You also can receive favor from God until you have been seen by others and active. There are no shortcuts  in  developing ones character by God we must go through every step. Character has to be developed in the kingdom of God because without developing it it can’t carry you. If the scenery has not changed we should not follow it because it will lead us in a different direction. Our next steps will be important in the direction that we will go. God will never you to be be in two seasons at once because it is not good for us. Transition is never easy from one to the next because if it is not underneath our feet  we will not have a smooth transition to the next season. That’s why it it hard for us to let go of some things. But we must burn our past . If we keep it intact we won’t mature an we won’t inherite our blessings from God. Our blessings will always be prearranged  by God as we mature . Maturity is the only way that our blessings  is given to us. Also are maturity is never based on calendar years but is based on  our maturity in our faith


2 thoughts on “Misfits pt2

  1. Getting To Know Christ says:

    Amen. It’s called processing. It’s all about God processing us and taking us to higher level at the end of each stage of the processing.

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