Misfits pt3

Judges16:1-21, 25-30 2Cor6:14-17

Your downfall will always be another persons entertainment. You will do more in your dark period than you will when you are in a good place. God will always will give a outward sign of what is happening on the inside. You must watch people that don’t walk the walk and talk the talk because they won’t have the fruit to show for it. We should never stay tied to the same people because it could hinder our passion.  Once we change our passion we change the people we hang out with. We should love everyone but just don’t run with everyone,. Our strength is not always going to be obvious. Also our strength will not look like strength. God hides our strength in places that we can not see. You can not be tempted when you are full you can only be tempted when you are empty. She could not get to his hair until she got to his heart. When your heart gets polluted you lose the sign of being saved. But if your roots are deep you will regain your strength. He will pull greatness from your darkness and will receive double for our trouble.


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