Armored pt1

Matt8:5-13  Ps 121:1-2  ps 103:20-21 Matt 13: 24, 36-39 1cor 3:5-6

Angels will always move on your behalf as long as they have heard Gods voice. Tasks may tire us but when our angels have tasks they will never tire and also they get stronger in the process. When we carry the kingdom culture outside of the church people don’t understand it because we are operating on another level. Wealso must understand kingdom dynamics so they can see the how the church operates. When Adam fell we was speaking words but heaven had stopped backing Adam because of sin. There were two trees in the garden one was the tree of knowledge and the other was the tree of tree. The roots of the these two trees were suspended from heavenlies . The first Adam has lost his words but the second Adam started raising things to life. We must say it and give it a voice in order for it to operate on this this earth .we must have authority before we speak it in order  for them to have authority. The power of the name of Jesus can only work if you are underneath his total authority. When you are an ambassador you are representing the land that you are from. Citizens don’t have to defend themselves but the military represents them and does battle for them. He always has his military ready to battle for us but he has to command the Angels to battle on our part. We must be awakened to how the spirit realm operates and the power is on your side . This is for you than against you. Put high expectations on God.We also can’t speak what we do not know.We have authority like the the Angels. He will never let them operate outside his purpose in your life . The Angels were called to reap but we were never called to reap but to sow.


2 thoughts on “Armored pt1

  1. This is so true. I pray that we all may move into this anointing. Although God has shown me one or two revelations in my dreams, I hope at some point I will be allowed to know the names of my angels :)

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