Armored pt2

Heb1:13-14 1 John5:14-15 Ps129:89 Luke10:17-20 Mark1:14 Luke4:8-6  

Its your ability to grab ahold of that you can not see. There is protection that we not using . Also there is a hedge of protection around us but what does it really look like. Ministry is not a career but an act of service. It is something that you do but it it is done for you. Our words can never move the Angels only Gods word can moves our Angels on our behalf. Nothing will happen in our lives until we speak the word. So our blessings are voice activated and will not violate our authority. Don’t work against it by speaking the wrong thing.   His will is our inheritance .If we know what is legal we won’t allow the devil to put something illegal on us. We must have an reaction when the devil tries to things on us .Jesus is our advocate, priest,and mediator so it will be given to us.he has given us the keys to release our promises which depend on how much heaven we want in our lives if we want a little we get a little but if we want a lot we will get a lot. If you are saved you are authorized to receive all of his promises. When we are in the wilderness our Angels will minister to us so we can overcome our temptation. We should not get happy because we can fight demons but because our names are in the book in heaven.


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