Armored pt3

Dan 10:1-14 Heb14:14 Acts1:1-9 

The seekers will be taught the truth behind the truth.  The realm beyond our flesh we can not see there for we don’t understand how it operates. But the first thing that devil wants to do is change our names so we can not reach that realm. We must understand what we are not fighting against flesh but principalities. The book of Realvation is a book of vision . God will never bless something that is cursed that is why he did not bless the firmament.  We have spiritual strength  that can help us. The spirit world moves at the speed of light so we dont see when God moves. The spirits have a firm footing in the spirit realm like our flesh has a firm footing on this earth. Fasting can weaken our soul and spirit to speed up the spiritual realm  to intercept our prayers  so our prayers can be answered promptly.Fasting also will bring us closer to our God.

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