Armored pt5

2Kings 5:1-4,9-13 Matt 10:40-42 Pro11:14 ,12:15 Deu28

When you follow the counsel that God has your back.  Success sometimes does not translate in every part of our lives because of a but being there. We need someone in our lives that is objective because usually those people are the most truthful. We usually will lose our inspiration when we keep on depositing into people and they don’t return the deposit so that can bring us to a place where we become uninspired. We must never turn a deaf ear to counsel and do it by our own philosophy. Because we are rejecting the safety of counsel. When we accept counsel from a multitude we will always be in a place of safety. We also should have someone great over us so we can draw from them. We must never want to be just ordinary but we should strive to be exceptional. Only ordinary people will fight ordinary battles but exceptional people will fight exceptional warfare. Church should never be a place where we show our shiny stuff but it should also show our diseases. We also need to be careful how we say things because our words carry weight. It is not because of our title that our words carry weight it is because of our location. On our road to becoming exceptional we can get detoured because we have convinced ourselves we have become important that is why so many people miss becoming exceptional. Also another thing can derail us our root system because it has become unhealthy. God will chop down the tree to get rid off the bad roots so it can grow healthy roots again. We also must find a house that truly loves us so we can grow under that leadership staff.


14 thoughts on “Armored pt5

  1. Listening to the multitude to enhance our spiritual or social lives is to tie the knots with Genesis 6:1-7 which prophetically culminated in, “Crucify Him”, Mark 15:12-14. The words of Jesus, as it is contained in the Bible, is the yardstick by which I’ll listen to any person. We have spirit (dead before we got born again) which is the one God brings back to life so that we can fellowship with HIM. Of truth, we need to be very careful under whose pastoral care we bring ourselves. Thanks for rousing this thoughts in us so that our narrow paths to glory is maintained.

  2. I’m just curious what you mean by .. watch what we say.. I’m a missionary, and ordained minister, and I do not coddle. I say the truth, which hurts, but the truth is like a whipping, it hurts for only a little while, then you learn from it, God doesn’t coddle, I’m just interested in knowing what you mean

  3. I can live with that, but at the end of the day, someone’s feelings are irrelevant, you can’t talk to everyone the same, and expect the same outcome, me for example, if you say I can’t, don’t do it, means I’m going to in spite.. so you have to talk to me differently to get through, that’s all I’m saying.. you can’t be well spoken and calm submissive to everyone, but there’s nothing wrong with being passive, everyone just have different personalities

  4. Agreed .i understand where you are coming from as a evangelist you are supposed to revive a person and let them know where they went off the tracks at.. But words also can wound people as I have seen in the past.

  5. Oh I’m not saying rip apart someone’s emotions lol you just have to be a little aggressive sometimes, because like me.. some people are hard headed, and I believe, just an opinion.. that God made me to have no filter on what I say for that reason for hard headed people, and he also made passive people for people that respond well with passiveness, I don’t engage everyone aggressively, but after a few minutes of talking you can tell what kind of person you’re dealing with, I can be passive, but also aggressive, I think both are very important, like.. Priests, they are passive, they talk calmly when in the pulpit, but preachers .. preach, aggressively, some even yell to draw, and keep your attention

  6. I know . That’s the reason why I don’t like to debate with anyone because it can become hostile.

  7. I’m never hostile, I enjoy debating, it’s good for stimulating the brain, I’ll never argue and become hostile unless it’s something like life or death lol

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