Armored pt6

1 Cor 11:7-8


Someone has to preach God’s standard and not our condition. Man is the image of God and the woman should reflect the glory of man. God expected the man to handle the broken packages of the home. God has called himself as Father. The father’s place in the home is to give it order and structure and the woman’s place in the home is to nurture it. When you remove order from the from a child’s life you are removing his or her identity. Because, the identity of the father will always be found in the father. The word Abba means source and creator. God also created man to be a sustainer. Whatever attacks the man first he should be able to sustain it. When trouble comes you should be able to absorb, because, you are a protector. Your family should never see what is hitting them if you are standing in the gap for them. You were never meant to be lazy, because that was not what man was purposed for. Infidel means to be ruled by your senses. Basically, means he can’t see his future or his present trouble or one without vision. In other words, if one has no plan for your household,  you don’t have a vision. Jesus is a promoter. To win your family, one should not show them their successes, but, your flaws. Jesus didn’t redeem us in robes, but in nakedness. God doesn’t love a perfect man, but a flawed one. Man is a priest of the house which means he should pray. Noah built an ark for the saving of his household. However, once he returned to the land, he built an altar for the saving of his household. It is not your job to fix your children, but it is God’s job to fix them… however, it is your job to love them. Women tend to pray with their feelings, while men pray with their thoughts. The man is the priest of the household, and he carries the authority that no one else carries in the house.


7 thoughts on “Armored pt6

  1. Really inspiring! You should spell check before publishing, just a tip. This subject matter isn’t a popular one in our current generation, and while I see why the Bible says this, and I don’t necessarily disagree, but I’ve came to realize a equally shared responsibility, is better for everyone in the long run, so there isn’t any hostility from possible resentment, and inevitable stress .. enough stress on one man, can destroy him, so I believe in equally shared responsibility, and decisions.. however just an opinion

  2. I am presently standing in the gap for two young adults who were raised, not with religion, but with relationship. Even so, church hurt was severe and their reaction was same as mine, that we did not even want to be seen by others as Christians. Even though my wife and I continued serving Abba, my children did not. Now I have to water the green lawn, speaking Life over my children, proclaiming salvation over them. Not a word to them, they don’t even know I am doing this for them.

    Abba…source and creator…Jesus is the Creator but also our Father….we recite Isaiah 9:6 a hundred times every Christmas yet few see this. They even changed the Bible because of not understanding metaphors, inference. Also because the role play to lead by example by Jesus is taken the literal way.

  3. The father is definitely the priest in the home. Priest, in Hebrew is kohen which simply a one who stands in a religious gap to mediate. The man is also the head. The word ‘head’ in Greek is kephale and it has both physical and spiritual denotation & connotation. It means the organ that houses the brain, on which we have the ear, nose, eyes & mouth (physically). It also means, by extention, ‘source or origin’. The man has a lot to do. The woman must support the man to make it work because he stands in the stead of Jesus.

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