Armored pt9


Our hearts is our fields where seeds so sown. Once we have received it in our minds we must embrace it with our hearts. There are different levels of listening. Some will listen and hear it and that will determine whether your heart receives it. The condition of your harvest is directly parallel to the condition of too heart. Therefore we must watch our eyes and ears. Soil only has one potential and it is to push out what has been sown. Diligence means we must guard everything including our eyes and ears so we can properly guard our hearts. We also need to learn how to tame our tongues so our lives can be perfected. If we don’t our hearts will begin to embrace it. When you begin to blame others for the things that happen in your life it robs you .But you do have the power to change that. Changing your life will always start with changing your heart. Our hearts are a place of transition. Your blessings are in an unseen realm. You don’t have Amy’s needs that God hasn’t already given you. Whatever  we need God has given us a word so it can be release from heaven. We must speak his word to access it, Meditation on his word allows it to transition from our minds to our hearts. His word has substance for what we need. Faith is the proof that he has already given it to you. There will always be battle that exists between the transition between your mind and heart. The enemy exists to keep you receiving what God has for you the job of the devil bis to create storms  to contradict what God has for you. The enemy does not create storms in the lives of people that doesn’t have a promise. He only creates storms in the lives of people that has a promise. Jesus doesn’t tell you the method of how you will obtain your promise . He tells you the destination but no details. 


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