Detox pt4

Deu 1:26-27, Ex12

If you can whip your mind, you can whip it in life. Favor is… when God does something that we don’t deserve. One moment of favor can take you further than a lifetime of labor. Don’t get agitated when you see God bless someone else. Favor is not when you get somebody else’s blessing, it is when God gives you what is yours.  We should be careful how we treat others when they receive their blessing. God is watching us to see if he should release your blessing. Favor can be God giving you information on things that are about to come. When God gives you information, it’s not for inspiration, it’s for preparation. Some people have favor with man and not God, while, others have favor with God and they don’t have it with man. When God shows up he will deliver you. Sometimes, he will show you favor that he will pull you out of a situation, there are other times he will you walk through it with you. Everybody is fine with your favor, until, it manifest itself. When you receive your favor, it can reveal hearts. If God has favored you, put on your coat. We have to watch when we complain about things. You didn’t complain against God publicly, however you complained in your heart . Murmur is to speak at a level only God can hear. It is amazing how we Do God when we don’t agree with him about how he is leading us. The desire of every struggle is to make you turn back.  The bitterness was for them,  not against them. God wanted them to drink the bitter water so that it could cleanse them . Could God be letting you drink from a bitter cup so that you can forget your past. The bitter water was used to deliver them from their past. The long route was not God hating, but, it was God saving them. How many times you fall out of favor with God, because of the way he handled your life. Because of our complaining, you can fall out of favor  with God. There is something in the struggle that we don’t see. God has a way of balancing the scales, if,  you quit complaining about how unfair he has been. If you have not progressed, it has been because, you have murmured against God.


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