Detox Pt5

Heb4:14-16 1John2:15-16 James 1:14-15 Romans13:14

Our weaknesses are not foreign to. Our lives will always be choice driven .When we make our choices we must put boundaries around them. We must walk in the understanding that today’s decision will affect tomorrow. As a temptation comes we must make sure that the word is written on our hearts. Each one of us are tempted and are drawn away by our desires. Our desires are uncontrolled feelings . When the desire is conceived it will always lead to sin. Besides our desires can’t harm us not in less we give the opportunity to. Put on Jesus and never make any provision for the flesh. We should not let our desires have he opportunity to rule us. We need to learn how to starve them so they don’t become unhealthy.



6 thoughts on “Detox Pt5

  1. Unless it’s a Godly desire, then we hang on for dear life….I say this because “My Heart’s Desire,” is to see Jesus coming in the clouds of glory without facing death….no way I’m letting go of that one….But you are right, most times our desires are very sinful.

  2. Since the fall of man, our desire has become independent of God. Coming back the Way of God is setting (denying)aside our desire and picking the desire of God. Psalm 37:4

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