Detox pt6

Isa 10:27 Isa 9:6-7 Matt7:2

We cannot rule until you have been ruled. We can not rule our dominion until the Holy Spirit truly rules our lives. The more that God rules your life the more peace you will experience. Poverty isn’t broken by a job but it has to be broken in your mind. We can not live in a vacuum because because it will come back around and visit you. If we don’t conquer our sins we can cause it to become a liability to our children lives. Generational sin is looked in the bible as a word call iniquity. Sin has do with our conduct and behavior. If we continue to feed our sin it will grow in our lives.The iniquity in our lives will touch the third and fourth generations if it is not taken care of because it comes through the fathers bloodline. What is a firecracker in you will become a nuclear bomb in later generations. Anything that you are unwilling to confront will always increase in you. Iniquity is always in the bloodline because one generation refuses to confront it. There are things that are passed down habitually. The life in the blood . Whatever is living will always show up in the blood.  The word iniquity mean to be bent or twisted.  We are born bent to a certain proclivity towards a habit or lifestyle that is destructive which has been passed through the blood. Whatever your father was able to hide will be manifested in the next generation. What you said  you would never do you are doing. Judgement has set in when you look and say I won’t be like my mother or father but you turn out just like them. What we don’t know is you haven’t blessed yourself but you have judge your parents. Once you have been blessed you can’t be cursed. What started as a deed infected a nation. Don’t let your legacy be cutoff  because you stopped at almost. You allow God to get close enough to deal with it but you never really allow him to truly deal with it. We need the anointing that will destroy the yoke of the past. The word anointing means fatness. We all are anointed to break the yoke the thing that you invited inside you is expandable. God is not inviting into an altar experience with the anointing. But he is inviting you into a process of territorial expansion where his rule will takeover everything. It is easier for us to be free instead of being yoked to our sins.


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