Starting with a prayer 

Gal1:3-5 Grace to you and peace from God our father the Lord Jesus Chirst. 

4 Who gave himself for our sins so that he might rescue us from this present evil age,according to the will of oor God and Father,

5. To whom be the glory forever,Amen.

It intrigues me that Paul started the book Galatians out with a prayer . By starting it out with a prayer he was preparing the church of Galatiafor the battle they were about to face. The battle could have overtaken them. They had people coming in preaching a different gospel. These false preachers were trying to put them back under the law which would have put them underneath bondage. When we are under bondage we become slaves to the system that we are in we begin to perform. Performance based Christianity gets you nowhere because it is based on your response and that traps you in a n endless cycle. Bondage becomes a noose around your neck and it binds you .


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