Visited a new church

As many of you know I have been attending church online since last November. But , God has been dealing with me about getting involved again in a local church. Anyways this morning I decided to go and visit Hillside Christian Church. I really enjoyed the worship and the word. The pastor started a new series called Experecening God.  I connected with some people this morning also it was a good visit. I plan on going back next Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Visited a new church

  1. I used to do mine on tv decades back. I began to hunger for the Christian assemblage. With my good knowledge of scripture I can say categorically that there is absolutely no substitute for the physical Church auditorium. Can you truly worship God outside the Church? The prayers offered alongside other faithful believers avail much, so much. Welcome back to an abiding stance.

  2. No, you really can’t .i came to realize you need to be in harmony with like believers Its a Assemblies of God. But the people there was very inviting .

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