Golden calf syndrome

After Moses came down from the mountain and arrived back at the camp he saw that they were worshipping around the calf. As he saw this he became angered and dropped the tablets . In his anger he picked up the idol and threw it into the fire.When we get our focus off of God we can put idols in our lives just as the children did. As we begin to worship these idols it may start out as a little thing then grow into something bigger. We can idolize just about anything such as music ,sports,and even our pastors. Idols are a danger in our walk because we can’t control our carnal side when we begin to serve them. As a man or woman we cannot serve to masters


3 thoughts on “Golden calf syndrome

  1. A worshipper is a female, spiritually speaking. God is a man (not a male – for this is indicative of God possessing sexual organs! TABOO!!), implying that HE is the wholeness – from which others emanate. Jesus is worshipped. HE a man – the wholeness of the marriage to the Church. When one worships Jehovah, one is doing the righteous thing. HE is worthy of our worship, being the Creator. Jesus is the Husband of the glorious Church. Anyone who makes the mistake of worshipping idols is worshipping the Devil, Satan, evil Lucifer. Baal was an appellation of Nimrod, as the spiritual husband of sun worshipping, which led to moon worship of Semiramis, the wife of the infamous Nimrod. This is the reason why things are going too bad in the world. Satan is the evil husband. A husband is the head, who calls the shots. The Devil calls the spiritual shots of all involved in idolatry. This is the danger of idolatrous act. Thank you arm5, for stopping by my post.

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