The Last One. 

Here lately I have been thinking about King David. Jessie had many sons and David was one of his sons. The prophet Samuel went to Jessie’s home to look for the new King of Isreal. He went through all of his older sons and they weren’t the right one. So, Samuel turned to Jessie and asked if he had any other sons  Jessie said yes he did but he was out in the field tending to the sheep. Samuel told him him to go get him and Jessie went to get  him. . The unique thing is he was the last son that Jessie had. It is interesting  how God chooses people to do his work.  He will choose a person that can carry out his plan without allowing their pride to get in the way.


3 thoughts on “The Last One. 

  1. Definitely so, because what God does is to sow a seed of His intention in man, representing the spiritual soil. God found David who watered God’s seed to fruition which God saw in David. God’s word is always panted in the heart of man. Those who do something positive with HIS seed are the ones who, in HIS sight, are the qualified ones, so HE sees them, and uses them. We must prove to God that we are ready to do HIS will.

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