Experiencing God

Today we finished up our series on Experiencing God. Each sermon in this series was powerful. The last two sermons made a very powerful impact in my life . The sermon before today’s sermon was called Align. It was about your life being aligned with God. Sometimes our lives can become out of alignment with God because of our actions or how we are living. But God will always bring us back into alignment. Then today’s sermon was on adventure. Our walk with God is an adventure. He will always know where to start with us in relationship. When we begin our relationship with him we can be a little skeptical  about following him. No matter where we are he will always know how to address us . He also will always know what our future holds. If we truly want to experience God we must obey him so he can work through us. 


One thought on “Experiencing God

  1. If Adam had been obedient he won’t have had to run to the tree. If Cain had been obedient he won’t need another god of hell. The antediluvian miscreants won’t have suffered annihilation if they had obeyed the word of God. Yes, I agree with you, arm5, that obedience (which is better than sacrifice) is what aids our true walk with Jehovah Jesus. Amen.

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