Sisterhood service

We had our first Sisterhood service today which coincided  with the Women’s March. But I’m glad that I was in a place where I could worship my God and not man. The theme for the women’s ministry is potential. God gives each of us potential but he leaves us with the choice of enacting it. Some of us have not found our potential in his kingdom yet we truly have not let him guide us or maybe it’s because we haven’t tapped into what he truly wants for us. I really want to find my potential  so he can use me in a greater way in his kingdom.


3 thoughts on “Sisterhood service

  1. I don’t mind potential; so long as all doors are open. I can’t stand a Christianity that nails doors shut so that women may not enter just because they’re not men and forbidden from preaching and teaching. I can’t stand a Christianity that limits the role of women to only being a wife and a mother and kills a daughter’s dreams of doing anything different and being anything more than that.

  2. I can see that being the case in first-century Roman-controlled Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy where women were under-educated; but even today? Even when women know just as much (and sometimes more) than men do?
    Is it the Bible that’s so fragile that the same words spoken by a man will return void if a woman quotes them?

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