A Life Open To God

Is your life open for Jesus to lead. Are you following Jesus with your whole heart. We must experience him because he has something for each of us. His heart is different from our hearts. 

There are three reasons  why we should  be intent on following Jesus as closely as we can. 

1. Jesus has the heart for people that we need to get.  Luke18:35-42

We should have a heart of compassion as he does. Luke19:1-10

2. Jesus wants you to see him at work doing awesome miracles. When we see him at work it will change us from the inside out. Eph3:20 Matt 17:24-27 . He has things in store for us that will help us build our faith. 


3. Jesus has a plan for our life. We be in relationship with him. We will begin to recognize what is of God and what is not of God.


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