God wants to do the impossible

1KINGS 17:6,17:26

A professor of Psychology at Northwestern University suggests that the brain can store 2 Petabytes of data that’s 2,500,000 Gigabytes or 300 years worth of T.v

Evidence suggests that we’re more likely to remember something if we make an active effort to understand it and if we encounter it regularly.


John 9:1-3

God will not take our sins and shame us with them.He wants to take your sins and forgive them and by his spirit give you new life.


The dead thing in our heart and soul will remain dead until you put them in the arms of God.


God doesn’t need you to defend him, he needs you be more like him.

Compassion is the precursor to miracles.

Love is what echoes out after after the miracle is complete.

Compassion is the door to the impossible work of God.

The hand of God is moved by compassion.1Kings 17:19-21

Compassion will lead you to do some foolish things for the Lord.



Luke 4:24:30


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