United Giving

Core Value Number 7 We Believe we have been blessed to be a blessing. Hillside gives generously to the world around us, both locally and globally.

1 Cor 16:1-3 2Cor 9:5-8

The Bible teaches:

God gives vision (purpose and plans) to His Church for proclamation and worship.

God has made provision for His Church through the obedient giving of His people.

Therefore,if a church is in trouble, there are only two options.

Church leadership doesn’t have the purpose and plans of The Lotd.

Church Congregation is not walking in Obedient giving.


1. We should celebrate the incredible, consistent mercy of God.

2. It is God’s desire that you get back into right relationship with Him, even though you didn’t know you were walking in wrong relationship.

3. When we are in wrong relationship with God life becomes more difficult.

4, There is no way around the crisis of belief in tithing

Hebrews11:6 Proverbs 6:27 1Cor 16:2

There is a promise to experience.


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