Fresh Manna

I have  been thinking about this topic for a while now. Manna is important for our walk with God. His word is our Manna and it should be fresh to us everyday when we pick up our bibles.Sometimes, as we start going through our problems we may try to live off of stale manna. Stale manna won’t help us because he has a new word for us everyday. Manna is very important for our growth. We we don’t get it on a daily basis we will begin to starve . When we get to that place of starvation we will look for other things to fill that emptiness. The only cure for that emptiness is getting fresh manna.

Core Value #2

We Persue a Relationship with God



How do you build a relationship with someone?

1. Time. 

2.Time and leads to experience. 

3. Time leads to experience, leading to a heart connection. 



The relational progress Of Nicodemus John3:1-3, 7:50, 19:39

The First Five Followers John1:35-40 1:43-45

The struggle of the Rich, young Man. Matt 19:20-22

This week Pastor Eric continued our Core Values series  with Hillside’s value”We pursue a Relationship with God.” We believe in God desires a relationship with every individual. This relationship grows through prayer, meditation, worship,, Bible study, and listening to/ obeying the Holy Spirit. In James4:8 we are promised if we that we “Come near to God , he will come near to us.”

Core Values

We started a new series on our Core values as a church. 

Core Values #1 We believe in the bible. Psalm19  Psalm119:105

1. The bible is God’s unique message not just another man made boo. About forty different authors wrote the bible. It was written  in a fifteen hundred period. And it was also written on three different continents. 

2. The bibles message is so transforming that people died for its truth.

3. The bible was written by eyewitnesses from eyewitness accounts.

4. The bible was accurately perserved through a massive collection of copies.

5.The bibles reliability is substantially supported by external sources. 

6. The bible changes lives when people take it to heart. 


There are concepts in theology called General Revelation and Special Revelation. 


Ancient Paths

Jer16:6 Jer18:15Acts2:42-47

We must ask for the good path for our souls because he will set us on the ancient path. The path that he sets upon will always be thecorrect path. The right path is one of repentance and surrender. The ancient path path will always one of devotion. 

1. Am I living what God is teaching through his servants.  We must live the bible.And not just read it. We must hunger after his word . When we live his word there should be a change in our hearts and minds. 

2.Am I spending time with others on the road with me. We should migrate together as a body of believers. We shouldn’t be loners .God made us to have relationships. 

3.Am I sharing how I feel with God  and others on the path. He wants us to hear his voice crying out to him. We must choose to worship through our struggles that is what he wants us to do. Our worship is our weapon in our battles. When we cease to worship him we have allowed the devil to win.

A Life Open To God

Is your life open for Jesus to lead. Are you following Jesus with your whole heart. We must experience him because he has something for each of us. His heart is different from our hearts. 

There are three reasons  why we should  be intent on following Jesus as closely as we can. 

1. Jesus has the heart for people that we need to get.  Luke18:35-42

We should have a heart of compassion as he does. Luke19:1-10

2. Jesus wants you to see him at work doing awesome miracles. When we see him at work it will change us from the inside out. Eph3:20 Matt 17:24-27 . He has things in store for us that will help us build our faith. 


3. Jesus has a plan for our life. We be in relationship with him. We will begin to recognize what is of God and what is not of God.



Reasons why we don’t like to look desperate. 

1. Makes us look weak to others. 

2.Fear of the unknown.

3. It means we’re not in charge. 

We must get desperate for God not just check in at church just to check it off of our checklist when we attend church. We have a tendency not to become desperate because we become fearful of the unknown . One reason why we don’t become desperate is because we are afraid of change because we want to be in control of our lives. We also become comfortable in our convenience.Our convenience  can become complacency if we don’t watch it.  

Benefits of being Desperate:

1.We don’t care what others will think. 

2. We will almost do anything to see it happen. 

3. Desperate people look for opportunities.

4. Desperate people bring change.

One benefit when we get desperate about our relationship with him we will begin to draw closer to him. Also when we get desperate we will look for opportunities to get closer and learn from him. When we get to that place of true desperation we will see our families and communities Change.  Gen18:24-33  How do we live desperate . First we must understand his will for our lives. As we begin to understand his will for our lives we will get a hunger to reach our town. 

Are you desperate for God as an individual?

Are you desperate for God as a Family?

Are you desperate for God as a church?

As an individual we must become desperate for God. When we get desperate for God in our personal walk with him that will draw our families to get desperate for God. Once our families in our churches get desperate  those churches can impact there community.

God is able

Dan3:1-12,13-14 Eph3:20Matt19:26Jer32:27Isa63:9 2Tim4:16-17

Our God is Able

He is able deliver us and  weshould never have to defend ourselves. Because when we begin to defend ourselves we can negate the work that he is trying to do in our lives. As long we allow him to fight our battles we will rescue us. Even if he doesn’t come to our rescue we shouldn’t worry because he is an on time God he will never leave us hanging. He is able to do mighty things if we don’t doubt him. His nature makes everything possible in our lives.