Gods Provision is you

Why study the book of Kings?

It illustrates the tension of living Gods way in a corrupt culture.

Why study a portion of Kings the life and time of Elijah?

Because Elijah was an incredible example of someone who took a stand against the corrupt culture, answering God’s call to bring people back to faithfulness.

James 5:17-18

The cast in our story is son of Omri and the Jahwehiest Elijah who’s name means “Jahweh is my God”.

Sons of Omri

Wealth to purchase and build Samaria

Successful transfer of power

Political Alliances

Rebuilding Jericho

God calls us to bring people from the corrupt kingdom of this world back to him.

Prophet- One who speaks on the behalf of God 1Cor 14:1-4

1Kings 17:1

1Kings 17:24

Jesus sends out the 12 disciples the 72 followers and at his ascension to all- Go make disciples of all nations…James5:19-20


Allowing your heart to be changed

1. Going from miracles for me to miracles through me. 1Kings17:2-4

2.Willing to receive Gods Assistance Gods way. 1 Kings 17: 7-9

3. Holding to faith which keeps you on the path when challenges arise. 1Kings17:10-12


Mark 16:15-18