2 Cor 10:4-5 Everything that we do or say starts with a thought. Not everything you think is true. Small thoughts can destroy. Behind everyaction is an attitude and behind every every attitude is thought. Your habits become your characther. Our thoughts can lead to a wrong conclusion. Jer17:9 Luke 12:15-21
1.Treasures =Pleasures The soul can be sastified withnaturtal things.
3. Needs no accountbilit. 2Kings5:1,9 Our thoughts can cause to loose blessing from God.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus

Matt 15:29-30 People at the feet of Jesus had needs. Whats brings most people to the feet is a need of some kind. Luke 8:41 When you need to be delivered thats us to the feet of Jesus. We must have a desire to sit sit at his feet. When we sit at his feet it should ba a place of thanksgiving. Luke 30:38-39 It is essential for you to be at the feet of Jesus. But you have to choose to do this.It wont be taken aawy from you matter of a fact he invite you to do so.

Calvary Chapel

I really enjoy listenig to some of the calvary chapel pastors on the radio. I really enjoy how teach verse by verse book by book through the bible. My favorite is probaby Bob Coy. The way that they teach has helped me to understand the bible a whole lot easier. Even though I love the church that I attend.

Has the U.P.C.I split .

Theres rumor out their saying at G.C. that the t.v. advertising will now be alowed. Not too many of the conservative ministers liked this. There is talk going around that at least two hundred ministersmay pull from the organization . I really don’t know why its such a big deal because they have been advertising for years on the internet.

Having a Soundmind

2Tim1:6 Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God Which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7. For God has not given us aspirit offear,but of power andof a sound mind. God has given us many gifts and we must maintain our gifts. The one gift that he has given us is a sound mind.
1. We should count our blessings When we count our blessings we need to confirm it. We must thank him because giving him thanks is what builds your faith.
2. We need to replensih the virtue. Take time to rereplenish. Memorize the word of God.
3. Give it away. ReAch out to the lost.
4. Humble yourself. Don’t give up but humble yourself. We were never mt to caryy our burdens all by ourselfs.
5. We need to keep everrything in.perspective. So, we won’t lose our focus on what God wants us to do for his kingdom.
6. The spirit of love. We must learn how to genuinely love one another.

What will Become of your dreams?

Gen 37:5-20
If God can give you a dream he fulfill the dream. If he has given you apassion to go out and win souls dont waste it. Because a soul is a terrible thing to wast. We also should follow thwe wone who gave us the dream. When God gives you a dream he only gives you part of the dream. 1. You will be forgotten if it isn’t cotinually renewed. We must keep the dream alive by renweing as often as we can. 2. Your dream can’t be fullfilled by your self. God must guide you in fulling your dreams. He must allow him to build us into what he wants. Your dream can’t be fulfilled until someone lies on you.

His Mercy.

Psalms 106:1 Prasie the Lord! Oh,give thanks to theLord, He is good. For His mercy endures forever. He bestowed his mercy on me me when I don’t deserve it.Sometimes I wonder why he shed his mercy for us when we take it for granted. He has given me so many chaces and has redeem ed
me through his mercy and grace.