The Best Sermon Ever pt 6


Matt 6:5-14. Psalms139:15, Ephesians 3:20, Romans3:26,


The Big three Christian Duties: (the trinityof pursuing righteousness).

A more effective way to pray:

1. Prayer is most effective when birthed in the secret place.

2. Prayer is most effective when we know who we address.

3. Prayer is most effective when we pray with Confidence.

We are most like God when we give.

We are most alert to God’s voice when we pray.

We are most dependent on God when we fast.

Givingmy resources

Praying-my soul, heart

Fastingmy body

Yet, Jesus cautious us.., “be careful ”

Matthew 7:14

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard and that leads to life. And those who find it are few.


The Best Sermon Ever pt 5

Acts of Giving

Matt 6:1-4

Jesus is not doubting or questioning if we will be giving . It’s one of his commands.

You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving

Matt 5:43-45

Mark 12:41-44

1. Be careful …

2. When you give…

3.Then you father…

We are choosing whose reward we want.

Earthly deeds done to men see them out reward is here It’s all we are going to get.

Heavenly deeds done so only God sees them. He will then reward us in his own way.

Matt 25:31-40

Acts of righteousness done because we love Jesus and we are obeying his commands.

The Best Sermon Ever Pt4




Please note response of the followers of Jesus.

Matt 19:1-11

Likewise Paul on Marriage


Deu 24:1-4

1. What did Moses teach?

A Limited Divorce.

B. Enable a future.

C. Forever is Forever.

2. What did the Religious Leaders teach?

A. Manipulate the command of Moses.

B. The exception became license.

3.What did Jesus teach?

A. There is a spoken Devine order.

B. Concession were made because of hard hearts.(There are no hard hearts in the Kingdom of God.

Question What is the condition of your heart?

C. The only reason for divorce is sexual immorality.

Matt 5:33-48

Some Marriages start with Christ and depart from Christ.

Some Marriages start without Christ and find Christ.

No matter in what way your marriage started you must continue with Christ.

God’s hate of divorce does not outweigh his love for you.

God’s hate for divorce hasn’t erased his outrageous grace.

God’s hate of divorce hasn’t changed the life he offers you even after divorce.

No matter how bad we’ve been hurt, He is able to bring healing.

With Jesus , what started what started horribly can end up wonderfully. With Jesus, what ended up sinfully can be reborn in righteousness.

Best Sermon Ever pt3

It starts with the Heart

Matt 5:27-32

There’s a difference between Passed Down Morality and Truth From Jesus .

Our hearts are kingdoms that the enemyis tryingto invade.

Our externalacts are just the manifestations of what’s going on in our hearts.

Our hearts are kingdoms that the enemy is trying to invade.

Protect it.

1. We have forgiveness in Jesus. You can be forgiven from a heart of adultery.

2. We have Redemption in Jesus. Your guilt can be taken in Jesus’ name.

3. We have Restoration in Jesus. You can lead a life of purity from this day forward.

The Best Sermon Ever


Matt 5:17-20

What is Jesus Doing?

Establishing the”Beyond” of Obedience.

No one ever gets totally free from the big three in this: anger, greed, and sexual lust.

Matt 5:21-22

Matt 7:1-5

The aim of the Best Sermon Ever is repent, for the life in the Kingdom of heaven is now one of your options.

1. Jesus places greater importance on morals not rituals.

Matt 5:23-24

Hosea 6:6

2.Jesus doesn’t tell us what to do but how to do it.

Matt 5:25-26

Lev 19:18

Eph 4:32